Research for Development Graduate Program (RDGP)

The Research for Development Graduate Program is a three phase program open to all graduate students who wish to become involved in the field of international development research. [see RDGP brochure ]

Phase I | PUBM 542: Research Methods for Development (Spring Quarter) (3 Credits)

The purpose of this course is to introduce graduate students to basic qualitative research methods used to find solutions for individual and organizational problems especially in the field of international development. Students will be introduced to various qualitative research methodologies, research paradigms, research question formulations, analysis of results and both written and formal presentation skills. Course content will also include practical aspects of how to write field notes, carry out field interviewing and how to conduct preliminary data analysis. Classes will meet for a total of 30hours per quarter.

Phase II | PUBM 595: Research for Development Internship (Summer Internship) (3 or 6 Credits)

This internship will allow students to be engaged in ongoing research endeavors with international non-governmental organizations (INGOs) in developing countries. Students will be engaged in participatory evaluations and research projects as specified by their designated INGO. A work experience in another country will offer students many different challenges and opportunities. Many INGOs are engaged in projects or programs that pertain to some of the following areas: poverty reduction, health care, governance, education, crisis prevention and recovery, environment, peace and conflict, migration,women issues, and economic restructuring.

Phase III | PUBM 543: Research for Development Consortium (Fall Quarter) (1-3 credits)

Program participants write a professional paper based on their summer experience as research interns with non-government organizations(NGOs). Students present their research paper findings formally to the Seattle University campus at large. 


Dr. Meena Rishi 

Program Director
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