International Development Internship Program

The International Development Internship Program is a 20 credit academic program designed for undergraduate students. The Program is open to Seattle University students who will have at least junior standing in fall quarter of the year they will participate in the Program. Download the Brochure.

  • The two seminar courses of INIP 400 (3 credits) and INIP 402 (2 credits) can be counted as CORE interdisciplinary courses.
  • The modern languages department offers capable and highly motivated French speaking IDIP participants an
    option to pursue a major in French with departmental honors. See the undergraduate bulletin of information for further details.
  • For students enrolled in the International Studies Program, 5 credits of the Internship during the winter quarter can be used as an approved elective, and one quarter of the winter quarter internship can be used to satisfy a student's study abroad requirement.

Watch this video to learn more about IDIP.

Program Requirements

The Program consists of three phases, all of which must be attended to receive credit for participating in the program:

Phase one | INIP 400 (3 credits)

INIP400 is a preparatory seminar that takes place during the fall quarter.This course provides an introduction to the concepts of international development, social justice, globalization, international economics,social analysis and the political and economic characteristics of developing countries. Each student undertakes a specific study of the country in which he/she will be an intern.

Phase two | INIP 401 (15 credits)

INIP401 begins in the winter quarter and consists of an internship for ten weeks with a NGO in a developing country. Internships are available in Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The internship is designed to provide a student with an immersion experience of working in the actual environment of international development. Students are expected to apply the knowledge and skills acquired in their prior courses to this internship.

Phase three | INIP 402 (2 credits)

INIP402 is a seminar that occurs in the spring with a focus on a student's international internship experience. Seminar topics consist of re-entry issues, telling one's story, NGO project presentations and social justice advocacy.


Dr. Meena Rishi 

Program Director
Pigott Building, Room 518
Phone - 206.296.2078
Fax - 206.296.2486
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