Academic Affairs
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Academic Assembly

  • Membership

    Rob Rutherford (President)
    Roshanak Roshandel (VP - Program Review Committee)
    David Neel (VP - Faculty Handbook Revision Committee)

    Jeffrey Anderson
    David Arnesen
    Sarah Bee
    Terri Clark
    Brooke Coleman
    Tito Cruz
    Lynn Deeken
    Christian Halliburton
    Mike Huggins
    Arun Iyer
    Kate Koppelman
    Erik Olsen
    Katherine Raichle
    Heath Spencer
    John Strait
    Daniel Washburn

    Isiaah Crawford (Ex-Officio)
    Bill Ehmann (Ex-Officio)
    Charles Lawrence (Ex-Officio)
    Meg Green (SGSU Rep)
    TBD (GSC Rep)


    The Academic Assembly is the elected body through which the faculty participates in decisions involving academic, university-wide matters, as well as areas that influence student learning. Such matters include among other things: academic quality, terms of faculty service, curricula that require coordination across programs, strategic planning, budgets, and physical facilities.

    Faculty participation

    The Assembly needs and welcomes the help of the faculty in identifying issues that should be addressed by the Assembly. Faculty members should feel free to discuss issues with individual members. Assembly meetings are open to all faculty members. Any faculty member may address the Assembly upon the invitation of the president of the Assembly or upon approval by the president of a request made a week in advance of a meeting.


    Academic Assembly Bylaws document (pdf)