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  • This certificate will allow students to gain specialized knowledge in Sustainability and Sustainable Business, to further their professional formation so that they can more easily take on leadership roles in their chosen professions. The Graduate Certificate in Sustainabillity will provide the context for professional roles that sustainable business plays in serving the greater community.

    from Seattle University's 2013-2014 Graduate Catalog

    Admission Requirements

    Applicants must have:

    1. Minimum of an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution
    2. Minimum 2 years of full time work experience
    3. If a non-business undergraduate degree or graduate degree, a competitive GMAT score

    Course Requirements

    Individual courses below may have prerequisites. Click here for details

    Required Courses

    3 required Courses (9 credits)    Credits
    SUST 570: Sustainability and Business 3
    SUST 571: Sustainable Value Creation 3
    SUST 572: Sustainability Consulting 3
    2 elective courses (6 credits) from the following list:    
    MGMT 585: Management of Change 3
    MKTG 560: Marketing and Social Issues 3
    OPER 576: Project Management 3
    Selected Special Topics:  
    BLAW 591: Corporate Social Responsibility 3
    MKTG 591: Creativity and Innovation 3
    OPER 591: Sustainable Supply Chain Management 3

    Requirement for certificate: 15 credits

    Next Steps

    • You need to apply for the certificate program as a regular student via our Application page.
    • Once you are accepted, you may start any term (Fall, Winter, Spring, or Summer). 
    • After being accepted, you must attend an advising orientation.
    • You can find schedules of classes on our website on our Resources page.  
    • Length of program depends on when classes are being offered and how many you wish to take per term.
    • Cost is $800 per credit plus fees. (Certificate requirement: 15 credits.)

    For more information, contact Jeff Millard at

  • Gainful Employment Disclosure

    For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who completed the program, and other important information, please see below.

    Certificate in Sustainability