Albers School of Business and Economics
Course Descriptions

International Business

  • Albers course information comes from Seattle University's 2013-2014 Graduate Catalog. All graduate courses are 3 credits, unless otherwise noted. Syllabi information is for reference only. Information may not be current.

    INBU 562 Competing With and Within China

    Geared to students who want to learn about China both as a business opportunity and a threat in view of its state of market development This course is taught as a competitive strategy course and covers China's competitive environment, China's rapid development, role of the state, state owned enterprises, competencies for foreign companies to succeed, branding in China, inward and outward direct investment, and the intellectual property challenge. (formerly MGMT 562)

    INBU 572 International Business Consulting

    Student teams consult on real company projects requiring decisions, recommendations, and action. Considerable interaction is required between the student teams, participating companies, and faculty. Mafterial covered in class will be linked to the projects being performed. Explanation and rationale for the techniques and skills that will be required to complete the projects successfully will be developed sequentially. Lectures focus on subjects directly relevant to the objectives of student projects. Prerequisites include: MBA 500, 503, 505, 506, 507, and 508, or approval of the instructor. (formerly MGMT 572)

    INBU 573 International Management

    Investigates the role of management in developing and executing international and global business strategy. Emphasis is on theories of organizational roles in society; how culture shapes both organizational and individual behaviors; how firm-specific and country-specific elements relate to competitive advantages. Prerequisite: MBA 510. (formerly MGMT 573)

    INBU 589 International Policy and Strategy

    Business policy deals with general management and the tasks of strategy formulation and implementation. International business policy must take into account the complexities of corporate operations in different cultures. Prerequisites: All required MIB courses. This course is recommended as the MIB programs capstone course. (MBA students may not receive credit for both MGMT 589 and MBA 519.) (formerly MGMT 589)

    INBU 594 International Study Tour: International Business

    An exploration of international management issues or other special topics related to the specific destination of the study tour. The course will include travel to a foreign country to observe business practices and examine indigenous management problems, and to meet with representatives of local businesses and other institutions. Location of tour can vary. Check with the department for details.