Albers School of Business and Economics


  • Program Description

    The Albers MBA Specialization in Sustainable Business is premised on the belief that businesses will play a pivotal role in the problems and the solutions to one of the critical challenges facing the planet in the early 21st century.

    The aims of the program are to develop students who are capable of simultaneously leading firms to achieve acceptable profitability, reduce their environmental footprints and assure ongoing contributions to their communities.

    Sustainable operation meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. Sustainable business is profitable but does not deplete or despoil the planet, the society, or the culture in which it operates.

    The Specialization in Sustainable Business prepares students with a thorough review of sustainability concepts and frameworks, as applied to business, options to pursue focused sustainability issues in marketing, operations, business law, business strategy, among other specific disciplines, and a term-long consulting project with a partner firm, addressing a real-time, real-world sustainable business challenge.  

    Specialization Requirements

    MBA students may pursue a specialization in Sustainability which requires a minimum of 12 credits of their electives.

    Required Sustainability courses:

    • SUST 570 Introduction to Sustainable Business
    • SUST 572 Sustainability Consulting

    Choose 2 Sustainability electives (at least one from either SUST 571 or MKTG 560):

    • SUST 571 Sustainable Value Creation
    • MKTG 560 Marketing and Social Issues
    • BLAW 576 International Law and Business
    • ECON 573 International Economics
    • ECON 568 Natural Resources & Environmental Economics
    • FINC 549 Corporate Investment Decisions
    • MGMT 574 Entrepreneurial Leadership: Social Entrepreneurship
    • MGMT 585 Management of Change
    • MGMT 588 Negotiation Skills
    • MKTG 553 New Product Development

    Please consult with graduate programs advisors for more information.  To declare a specialization, complete the "Addition of Another Major, Degree, or Specialization" form (available from PIGT 318 or the Office of the Registrar website) and return the form to PIGT 318.