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    1.  I can’t see my courses! What do I do?  


        There can be many reasons why your courses don’t show up in your courses area once you are in ANGEL. Most commonly it is because there is a setting in the courses “Nugget” that hides disabled courses (all courses are by default disabled when they are first created). To fix this, click on the little pencil icon when you roll over the courses nugget, go down to the bottom of the screen and click “Yes” where it says “Show Disabled Courses”. 


        However, if your course is completely missing from your account, it may be because your dept. has not added you to the course in Colleague (SU Online). Please make sure that you are listed in SU Online as the instructor and have students in the course. If you are, and it’s been one business day or so since it was added, please contact the helpdesk at ext. 5571 to have it fixed. 


    2.  I can’t login to ANGEL, how do I reset my password?  


        Your ANGEL username and password are the same as your SU email username and password. If you need to reset your password, please go to https://pwreset.seattleu.edu/.  


    3.  Classes have started, but my students say they can't see my course!   


        When courses are created, they are set to “disabled” by default. This is so your students can’t see your course before you are ready to publish it. To release your course, you must go to your “Manage” tab, click on “General Course Settings”, Click on the “Access” tab then switch the dropdown from “Editors Only” to “All Members”, then hit “Save”. Your students will now be able to see your course. 


    4.  How do I bring my class material from an old course to the current quarter course?  


        The easiest way is to go into the new blank course, click on the “Manage Tab”, click on “Import Console”, click on “Copy Course”, select the course you want to import from the dropdown menu, and then hit the “Copy” button. It will then give you a message that your course is copying, and after some processing time copy the course. 


    5.  There are some students missing from my course, what do I do?  


        For one reason or another, some students may not be in your course, either they just registered, and it may take a day or two, or you may want to get them in early. If you absolutely need your student in your course before the enrollment process can do it, you can add students that are already in ANGEL via the roster tool. Click on the “Manage Tab”, “Roster” on the upper left, “Add User”, and then put in either the student’s last name or username. It will then allow you to add the student into the course. 


    6.  I would like to attend some ANGEL training, where do I find the schedule?  


        We have a new training calendar located at http://seattleu.edu/oit/training

        If you would like a one on one consultation about ANGEL, general course design, or suggestions on use of technology for your courses, please contact fts@seattleu.edu to set up an appointment. 


    7.  I was loading one of my class rosters into another section in ANGEL, and now I can't see my class at all! What happened? 


        In ANGEL you can download a class roster and load it into another section. However when you download that roster, it will include your name. When you upload the roster to the other section, it will load you as a student! If your class in not available, it will likely then disappear, as you only have student access. If this happens, please call the helpdesk at ext. 5571 and have them restore your rights.


    8. My students do not have access to my course. 


    To give your students access

    • Go to your course one week before classes officially begin.
    • Click Manage > General Course Settings > Access.
    • Select Member Access = All Members.
    • Click Save.
    • If your students have problems with logging on or passwords, ask them to contact the Helpdesk at helpdesk@seattleu.edu.


    9. I have another instructor co-teaching the course with me.  How do I add them as an instructor? 


    To add a co-teacher

    • In the course, click the Manage > Roster.
    • On the Roster page, click Add a User.
    • Enter the faculty person's username in the Account Search field and click Search.
    • When the person's name appears, click Select. Next, set Rights=Editor and Role=Faculty. Click Save.

    10. I am registered to teach a course, but I can't find it in ANGEL. 

    If you can't find your courses

    •    Check SUOnline to make sure your course is listed correctly and you are the instructor.
    •    If you have not already, attend training. Training Times are located to the right.
    •    Contact fts@seattleu.edu for more information.




  • Need help with ANGEL?


    If your issue remains unresolved after consulting the above Self-Help Resources, you can: 


    Make an appointment

    In-person help is also available at Seattle University by appointment. To make an appointment, please call the helpdesk and have a ticket created at (206) 296-5571 or toll-free (855) 501-0858



    For a general overview of ANGEL or if you need more information on a particular ANGEL feature, check out tutorials located in the left menu.