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    I can't see my course

    I can’t login to ANGEL

    What is ANGEL?

    I can't access my class  

    I get the message “Session Timeout”

    Access Denied message

    computer / web browser compatibility

    ANGEL discussion boards, dropboxes or other features

    Problems with ANGEL?



    1.    I can’t see my courses! What do I do?

    There can be many reasons why your coursedoes not show up in the “My Courses” area in ANGEL. Most commonly it is because the instructor has not released the course to students. It can also be because it takes 1-2 days for your enrollment to get through to ANGEL once you havesigned up for it. Generally you will want to talk to your instructor to askt hem if they are using ANGEL in their course this quarter, and if they have youo n the roster. Instructors do have the power to add you to your course if youare not listed in their course, but you do have an ANGEL account.


    2.    I can’t login to ANGEL, how do I reset my password?

    Your ANGEL username and password are the same as your SU email username and password. If you need to reset your password, please go to


    3.     What is ANGEL? Do I need to use ANGEL?

     ANGEL is Seattle University's online learning system. If your teacher is using ANGEL for a class, you might find a syllabus, readings, lecture notes, discussion boards, quizzes or grades in the ANGEL web site for that course. Ask your teacher if you are expected to use ANGEL in a class.

     4.     Why can’t I access an ANGEL class?

    •      Not all classes use ANGEL ... ask your instructor if ANGEL is being used.  
    •      Allow 1 day after officially enrolling in a class to receive access to the ANGEL class site.
    •      Logon with your correct S.U. email ID and Password (do not include ””).
    •      Check that your computer/web browser are compatible with ANGEL.
    •      Check the ANGEL Homepage for announcements about scheduled system downtime.
    •      Read the Student Flight Check on the ANGEL Homepage at https: //

     5.     I can logon, but I get the message “Session Timeout”? 

    •      Delete cookies in the web browser and restart if you receive "Session Timeout" immediately after logging on.
    •      ANGEL will log you out after 1.5 hours of inactivity.
    •      Check that your computer / web browser are compatible with ANGEL.

     6.     Why did I receive an Access Denied message?  

    •      Your computer or web browser may not be compatible. See the list below.
    •      You might have more than 1 ANGEL web browser window open. Use ony 1 web browser window when working in ANGEL.
    •      If you are using a computer in a workplace, the workplace may block access to ANGEL or other websites.

     7.     What computers / web browsers are compatible with ANGEL? 

    •      Computer: Windows 2000  |  Browsers: minimum requirement is Internet Explorer 7.0 +, or Firefox 3.
    •      Computer: Macintosh OS X  |  Browsers: minimum requirement is Firefox 3.
    •      ANGEL requires cookies turned on and pop-up blockers turned off.
    •      If your computer/browser is compatible but problems persist, try deleting cookies, restarting, or downloading a newer browser.  
    •      Explorer web browser download (Win only)
    •      Firefox web browser download (Mac and Win)


      8.     How do I use ANGEL discussion boards, dropboxes or other features?

    •      View our online videos for more info.
    •      Visit a campus computer lab and ask a lab assistant.


    9.     What can I do if I have problems with ANGEL?

    •      Check the FAQs, tutorials and help pages in ANGEL. Look for the ? icon when you logon.  
    •      Logoff, close your web browser and and then restart the browser.
    •      Contact the SU Helpdesk at
    •      Visit a campus computer lab and ask a lab assistant for help.