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    NAWCHE Making Connections XI

    The Welcome Table:
    Interfaith Women in Dialogue 
    in Catholic Higher Education

    Seattle University, June 18-20, 2014

    Call for Papers

    The National Association for Women in Catholic Higher Education (NAWCHE) will hold its biennial Making Connections conference at Seattle University this coming June.  Since its founding by Sharlene Hesse-Biber in 1992, NAWCHE has served as the cornerstone from which women from across the U.S. have established a network of dialogues and camaraderie that have sustained us as faculty, staff, and students at Catholic institutions of higher education.  In light of recent changes and challenges in the academy and the church, it proves timely and prudent to revisit the 2004 Making Connections VII Conference theme of Creating Circles of Conversation: Women of the Academy, the Church, and the Community with our forthcoming conference theme of The Welcome Table:  Interfaith Women in Dialogue in Catholic Higher Education.  Finally, in addition to promoting our conference in forthcoming issues, Catholic Library World (CLW) Journal has invited presenters to submit their papers for possible publication following our conference.

    Conference Themes

    As women in Catholic higher education, we share our individual and collective navigation of our professional and spiritual lives in common at our respective institutions.  NAWCHE’s cornerstone objectives foster supporting one another as women; creating, organizing and disseminating work for justice for women in the academy, and providing a forum for members to speak out on issues relevant to women in the academy, especially those issues unique to Catholic institutions.

    All are invited to our “Welcome Table” in June to renew, revitalize, envision, and engage in interfaith and collaborative dialogues.  Papers and presentations might address, but are not limited to: 

    • The past and future of interfaith dialogues in our offices, our classrooms, and on our campuses;
    • NAWCHE as an incubator of campus interfaith mission: for faculty, staff, administrators, and students in Catholic higher education and our off-campus allies;
    • Tracking faith in our classrooms: dialogues, readings, linked courses, pedagogy;
    • Service-Learning and faith connections; 
    • Interdisciplinary approaches to interfaith education;
    • Secular humanism in relation to faith traditions, or not;
    • Current tensions/reliefs associated with recent changes at the Vatican;
    • Promoting mission: what does faith have to do with it?;
    • Fundraising for Catholic schools: defining community, honoring mission;
    • Building library and resource collections in the “small c” catholic tradition;
    • Global perceptions of women educating at Catholic schools and universities;
    • Women in dialogue across disciplines and job classifications;
    • Women religious as social justice community partners educating us and our students;
    • Passing as faithful while working it out: when the table doesn’t feel welcome.

    Please send paper and panel proposals by December 31, 2013 to

    NAWCHE 2014--Conference Registration Form
    NAWCHE 2014--Silver Cloud Accommodations Info

    Also, make sure to check back for periodic updates and additional information about the conference.

    NAWCHE Conference Organizers at Seattle University: Mary-Antoinette Smith, Ph.D., Executive Director, NAWCHE, Conference Chair, Director, Women and Gender Studies; Gabriella Gutiérrez y Muhs, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Women and Gender Studies and Modern Languages; Victoria Kill, Ph.D., Adjunct Faculty, English; Laura Paskin, Director, Marketing & Communications, College of Arts & Sciences; Alexandra Peck, Women and Gender Studies Major.


  • Meet the Keynoters

    We are excited to introduce you to our keynote speakers:

    • Connie Kanter 
    • Sonora Jha 
    • Jodi O'Brien

    Bios here.