College of Arts and Sciences
Law Scholars Program

Requirements for Law Scholars

  • Law Scholars must meet the following criteria:

    1. Complete the required Law Scholars courses
    2. Maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.60 or higher
    3. Complete the bachelor’s degree program in the College of Arts and Sciences or Albers School of Business and Economics
    4. Take the LSAT examination with evidence of substantial effort and preparation
    5. Maintain a level of conduct consistent with the norms and standards of the legal profession

    Required Courses

    Some of these courses may fit within major requirements while others will be in addition.

    Sophomore Year:

    ECON 271 Principles of Economics: Macro or
    ECON 272 Principle of Economics: Micro

    PLSC 200 Introduction to American Politics
    PHIL 260 Logic

    Junior/Senior Years:

    PLSC 250 Introduction to Political Theory or
    SOCL 402 Sociological Theory

    CRJS 210 Law, Society and Justice or
    PLSC 319 Law, Politics and Society

    PLSC 321 American Constitutional Law or
    PLSC 356 American Political Thought

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