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Center For Strategic Communications

  • The Center for Strategic Communications (CSC) focuses on public advocacy that advances the university’s mission to empower leaders for a just and humane world.

    Our projects empower the university and larger community to work together on social justice issues.
    The center functions as a laboratory for strategic communications and other majors to practice their craft in service to nonprofit community organizations. Through our projects, the Center has developed a reputation as a trusted partner to many service providers and other stakeholders in the community.

    The center is part of the Seattle University Communication Department.

    Our Work:

    Project on Family Homelessness

    The goals of the Project on Family Homelessness are to increase public awareness and understanding of family homelessness and its causes and solutions, and to engage the public to end family homelessness. The Project on Family Homelessness is made possible by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

    Seattle Vehicle Residency Research Program

    The goals of the Seattle Vehicle Residency Research Program are to develop and utilize population/demographic data collection methods to improve public understanding of people who use public space to live within vehicle-homes.

    Film & Family Homelessnes Film Fellowship Application

    Through this project, SU is establishing four fellowships for Western Washington filmmakers. Selected Film Fellows will each be responsible for producing a short film 5-10 minutes in length exploring an aspect of family homelessness. The films, shown alone or as a whole in a group setting or online, will help raise awareness and provide a powerful springboard for discussion and an inspiration to action.

    Contact Us:

    Prof. Barry Mitzman, Director | (206) 296-2826

    Catherine Hinrichsen, Project Manager | (206) 398-4457