College of Arts and Sciences
Master of Fine Arts in Arts Leadership

Degree Requirements

  • The MFA in Arts Leadership is a 2-year, 48-credit program (starting Fall 2014, pending approval) that includes a required Graduate Management Practicum.

    Here is a link to the current 54-credit program degree requirements. The 48-credit program degree requirements, expected for students matriculating in Fall 2014, are as follows:

    Year 1:

    Fall: Fundamentals of the Nonprofit Arts Sector ARTL 5150 (3); Leadership & Interpersonal Behavior for Arts Leaders ARTL 5250 (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1)

    Winter: Boards & Volunteers in Arts Organizations ARTL 5370 (3); Marketing the Arts ARTL 540 (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1)

    Spring: Financial Management for Arts Leaders ARTL 5360 (3); Leading Staff in Arts Organizations ARTL 538 (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950  (1)

    Summer: Resource Development for Arts Organizations ARTL 5430 (3); ARTL5460 (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1)

     Year 2:

    Fall: Public Policy & Advocacy in the Arts ARTL 5400 (3); Elective (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1)

    Winter: Law and the Arts ARTL5800 (3); Elective (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1)

    Spring:  Summary Project ARTL 5990 (3); Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (3)


    Graduate Management Practicum ARTL 5950 (1) The 9-credit practicum (1 credit each quarter during the program) is an internship where students work in local arts organizations applying their learning to real world situations.  Through this internship, students build on their classroom learning, gain valuable practical experience, and develop lifelong relationships with the arts community.

    The MFA culminates in the Summary Project, a synthesis of academic study in a particular area of focus with the work produced during the community practicum experience.