College of Arts and Sciences


  • Students will create a digital portfolio which will be comprised of the following aspects:

    • At least 5 projects from MSAL classes with their associated rubrics (graded). See bleow for a list of eligible projects. The projects as a group must demonstrate at least 6 of the outcomes listed in the learning outcomes section.
    • Written Colloquium project and associated rubric. The written project must address at least Outcomes 1-4 and 7.
    • Oral Colloquium rubric. Must at least address Outcomes 1-4.
    Class Project
    SADL 500: Research Methods in Sport Management (required) Prospectus
    SADL 502: Social-cultural Basis for Sport (required) Research Project
    SADL 505: Financing Sport Organizations (elective) Facility Project
    SADL 506: Strategic Marketing for Sport Organizations (elective) Marketing Plan
    SADL 507: Sports Media, Social Networking and Brand Communication (elective) Communications Plan
    SADL 512: Developing Leadership in Sport (required) Leadership Growth Plan
    SADL 514: Sport Consumer Behavior (elective) Market Research
    SADL 515: Sport Organizations – A Systems Perspective (elective) Org. Effectiveness Project
    SADL 516: Sport Promotion and Sponsorship (elective) Sponsorship Proposal
    SADL 504: Legal Issues in Sport (required) Risk Management Plan
    SADL 510: Managing Human Resources in Sport Organizations (elective) Final HR paper
  • Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will

    Mahatma Gandhi