Post-School Survey Training Modules

The links below are designed to guide you through the new Online Post-school Survey System. Each link is a short video and allows you easy access to each part of the training. Audio is included so make sure your speakers are turned on. To access the training videos please click on the link(s) below. You will need access to Vimeo, a video-hosting website similar to YouTube.

Online Post-School Survey Training: District Managers

View our Vimeo Channel, or click on the individual modules below.

Activity # 1: Introduction and Overview (4 minutes)
Activity # 2: Survey Timeline and Definitions (5 minutes)
Activity # 3: How to Log In and Reset Your Password (1 minute)
Activity # 4: Features of the District Homepage (5 minutes)
Activity # 5: Adding One Survey at a Time (1 minute)
Activity # 6: Adding Multiple Surveys at a Time (3 minutes)
Activity # 7: How to Access and Manage Surveys  (2 minutes)
Activity # 8: Completing the Telephone Interview (9 minutes)
Activity # 9: Adding New Users to the System (4 minutes)