CCTS Publications

Guide to Transition Assessment in Washington State

An overview of the assessment process and its role in the transition process. PDF 

Quality Indicators for Secondary Transition (QuIST)

These Quality Indicators can be used by school districts to provide insights into special education programs and delivery. This tool is meant to be a self-evaluation to assist in program improvement activities. 
QuIST: Computer Scored Excel Spreadsheet  

Quality Indicators for School to Employment Program

These Quality Indicators can be used by school districts to assess transition services for students with developmental disabilities in school to employment programs. By using this tool, school district teams will identify program needs and potential changes to increase employment rates for these youth upon graduation or completing their school program.
Quality Indicators: Computer Scored Excel Spreadsheet (18-21 Programs) 
Quality Indicators: Manually Scored Excel Spreadsheet (18-21 Programs) 

Transition Guide for Washington State 

A comprehensive reference for teachers, administrators, staff, parents and agencies that provides information on the transition process, requirements and legislation.

Transition Re-Evaluation Process

A recommended best practice to help students with disabilities make connections with agencies.

Transition Services for Students with Disabilities: An Administrator's Guide (PDF) 

Other Publications

Transition Coalition – Publications

What Every Teacher Should Know About Transition and IDEA 2004 by Carol A. Kochhar-Bryant with Stan Shaw (2009)

The Administrator's Guide is a reference for administrators and educational staff on transition services for students with disabilities and outlines the transition process as required by law.