Grant: Health / Emergency

Washington Basic Health Care Plan
1220 Eastside SE, PO Box 9014
Olympia, WA 98504
Toll Free: (800) 826-2444
For people under age 65 who do not qualify for Medicare and are low income. Covers doctor care, hospital care, lab and emergency care.

Medicaid (through SSI) Toll
Free: (800) 772-1213
TTY: (800) 325-0778
Youth with disabilities may qualify for SSI at age 18 and therefore receive Medicaid based on the individuals's income (not parents) and disability. Medicaid pays for mandatory health services. In Washington, it also covers optional services.

Healthcare for Workers with Disabilities (HWD)
Toll Free: (866)272-7630
HWD is a Medicaid buy-in program for people with disabilities who work. The worker pays a small monthly fee (premium) based on his/her income.

Regional Support Networks - County Mental Health Crisis Lines Mental Health Division
PO Box 45320
Olympia WA 98504-5320
Phone: (360) 902-8070
The Department of Social and Health Services provides care and treatment for people with severe and recurring mental illnesses and children with serious emotional disturbance and the families, operates a crisis response system for all of Washington's citizens, regulates the individuals that provide mental health services and develops mental health policy for all providers. County government agencies and 145 private and non-profit organizations, supported by state and federal money, provide treatment for most of Washington's children with mental illnesses. The agencies are organized into 14 Regional Support Networks.

Grant County Health District
Phone: (509) 754-6060
Toll Free: (800) 708-6646
Located in Ephrata.
Phone: (509) 766-7960
Toll Free: (800) 708-6651
Located in Moses Lake.

Central Basin Home Health and Hospice
Phone: (509) 765-1856
DSHS program/application information.

Children's Health Insurance Program
Toll Free: (877) 543-7669

Okanogan Regional Home Health and Hospice
Phone: (509) 422-6721
Serves Grand Coulee.

Children with Special Health Care Needs
Phone: (509) 766-7960
Toll Free: (800) 708-6651
Grant County Health District.

Crisis Line of Grant County
Phone: (509) 765-1717
Grant Mental Healthcare. Translation/language services available.

Crisis Line of Grant County
Phone: (509) 633-1471
Translation services available.

North Columbia Community Action Council
Phone: 509.765.9206
Toll Free: 888.765.9206
Offers temporary shelter to homeless or those at-risk of being homeless.