Welcome to the Center for Change in Transition Services. Thinking of life after high school? CCTS helps prepare students with disabilities for success in high school and beyond. If you are a student, parent, or educator please check out our many job, life skills, and education resources.

2014 Combined Summer Institute (new location: Seattle University)

2014 Combined Summer Institute: Educating Students with Special Learning Needs: From Access to Statewide Assessment. Registration is now open for the CSI conference. The conference is being held at Seattle University on July 24-25. For registration information visit the North Central ESD 171 webpage.

Post-School Survey News...

It is time to start making phone calls. The calls need to be completed by midnight November 1, 2014. When you log into the Online Data Collection System, choose Post-School Survey Enter/Edit Data. This will allow you to enter day while making the calls. If you find that a student is no longer a "leaver" and has re-enrolled in school, please send us an email to delete the student from our system.  To access a paper copy of the survey (for reference only) you may download a copy here.

Featured Resources...

Youth Leadership Forum for High School Students with Disabilities.

The Governor's Committee on Disability Issues and Employment provides information regarding Washington State's 13th annual Youth Leadership Forum (YLF) at Western Washington University, Bellingham on July 27 - August 1, 2014. If you have any questions or would like to receive an application, please contact Debbie Himes at (360) 725-9511 or by email at dhines@esd.wa.gov.

Summer Camp Directory.

The latest summer camp directory has been published by the Center for Children with Special Needs. It includes a searchable database where you can look for camps that meet your student's needs. This is a great way to increase a youth's independence and get them ready for their post-school education, training, employment, or independent living skills.

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