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     Earth Day Celebration with Vicki Robin, 

    New York Times Bestselling Author


    Money, Food and Resilience: Living with Enough 

    Tuesday, April 22
    7:00-8:30 PM
    Pigott Auditorium


    In the course of our lives we'll eat approximately 6 tons of food, own 6 cars, live in 11 homes,  and wear countless items of clothing - yet all of this consumption is largely unconscious. We use, eat, and wear these items without much consideration of the core question for all of us: how much is enough and how do we know? Resilience is the ability of any system to recover from stress - be it an I-beam, a community or a person. Part of resilience is having what you need to survive and thrive. Another part is NOT having what you don't need, releasing rather than hoarding, spreading the wealth around so everyone has enough. Vicki Robin has been a leading voice in sustainable consumption for over two decades. Her books, Your Money or Your Life and Blessing the Hands that Feed Us, help people understand consumption in the larger circle of their lives.

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    Earth Week Interfaith Service 

    Thursday, April 24
    6:00 PM
    St. Ignatius Chapel


     Earth Week Center For Service Poster