Chapel of St. Ignatius




The Chapel of St. Ignatius is one of the central icons of Seattle University. Dedicated in April of 1997, this beautiful sacred space speaks to the person, and the soul.  Architect Steven Holl chose "A Gathering of Different Lights" as the guiding concept for the design of the Chapel of St. Ignatius. This metaphor describes Seattle Universitys mission and it also refers to St. Ignatius vision of the spiritual life as comprising many interior lights and darknesses, which he called consolations and desolations.

Holl conceived of the chapel as "seven bottles of light in a stone box," with each bottle or vessel of light corresponding to a focal aspect of Catholic worship. Light passes through each bottle in a specific area of the building to define physical and spiritual spaces with pools of clear and colored light.

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The Chapel of St. Ignatius can be booked for weddings by contacting the Office of Campus Ministry. More information can be found on their website.