Recommended Reading on the Jesuits

Book Cover: Traub John O’Malley, S.J., The First Jesuits, Harvard University Press, 1993; an excellent historical analysis of the first twenty-five years of the Jesuit order.
Fr. Ely: "O’Malley clearly lays out the fundamental principles that governed the Society’s early development and continue to guide it today. This is a scholarly work, well documented but also clearly written. It is worth the effort for someone who wants a deeper look at the Society of Jesus."

Book Cover: O'Malley  Ron Modras, Ignatian Humanism: A Dynamic Spirituality for the 21st Century, Loyola Press, 2004.
Fr. Ely: "A very readable history of the Jesuits with helpful sketches of key Jesuit figures such as Ignatius of Loyola, Pedro Arrupe, Matteo Ricci and others. "

Book Cover: Modras  A Jesuit Education Reader: Contemporary Writings on the Jesuit Mission in Education, Principles, the Issue of Catholic Identity,  Practical Applications of the Ignatian Way, and More, edited by George Traub, S.J., Loyola Press, 2008.
Fr. Ely: "A useful collection of essays by a variety of authors. One of the advantages of this book is that the reader can select topics of interest without reading the whole book. The essays are written by some of the best scholars of today."