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Diversity, Citizenship, and Social Justice

  • DCSJThe DCSJ program is designed for students who are interested in deeply exploring issues of diversity, civic action, and social justice in their Core Curriculum and educational experience at Seattle University. A wide variety of Core courses emphasizing these themes are offered every quarter in most departments and students who complete an appropriate mix of those courses are recognized for completing the program and given a certificate to accompany their diploma from SU. Students may enroll in this program at any time while studying at SU. However, it is advised that they declare early on in order to plan their Core courses accordingly and to take full advantage of all the supplemental richness of the program.

    Core StudentsIn addition to taking courses students participate, on a volunteer basis, in social gatherings and engage in discussion of cultural polemics having to do with contemporary issues and popular culture. In addition to on campus events organized by the DCSJ Director and staff, non-traditional presentations and performances off campus are usually attended by the students as a group. The attendance and participation in these compelling programs and activities, problematizing and expanding the notion of an education for the whole person, are extremely fulfilling to DCJS students.

    “While there remains even one case of discrimination in our societies, all of us remain oppressed, and so it is in the best interest of all that we educate ourselves in order to bring a greater justice, understanding and coexistence to our humanity . . . celebrating our diversities the whole way through. DCSJ classes are designed for just this, diversity education for the whole person, and I think they are the most important classes one could take at SU.” - Sarah Dean, Spanish & International Studies

    DCSJ Students"The DCSJ Program is a valuable complement to my education at Seattle U. Through my classes and different activities during the year, I'm able to engage in constructive conversations on relevant issues . . . As part of the DCSJ Program, you can expect to engage in presentations that will impress you, class and group conversations that will challenge you, and reflections that will empower you to live Seattle U's mission and values." Aldo Reséndiz - Humanities for Teaching

    To complete the program students must take 35 credits of designated DCSJ courses as follows:

    Diversity: 5 credits
    Citizenship: 5 credits
    Social Justice: 5 credits
    Other DCSJ courses: 15 credits
    Core Interdisciplinary course with DCSJ designation: 5 credits.

    For more information contact

    DCSJ Director, Dr. Gabriella Gutierrez y Muhs (
    Assistant Director, Dr. Heath Spencer (
    Assistant to the Core, Stasha McBride (