Commuter and Transfer Student Life
Transfer Students

New Transfers

  • Wherever you are joining our community from - welcome. We invite you to a place where you can feel at home, be yourself, and experience the culture of care we create for all students at Seattle University.

    First Step:

    Transfer Student Registration

    • Visit New Student Registration
    • A transfer student checklist has been created to guide your preparation for Spring Quarter 2014. This checklist will show the various steps you must complete to prepare for your first quarter at Seattle University.

    Second Step:

    Immunization requirements:

    Before 9:00 am, on the day before classes begin for fall quarter, holds will be placed by the Student Health Center (SHC) on the registration of all non-compliant transfer students who have been admitted for that quarter (registered or not). If a student is admitted after that time, and if that student has not provided immunization records, the SHC will place a hold on the student's registration as well. So, students at the September 19 Transfer SUccess session or later during drop/add week may not be registered, if they have a hold. At 8:00 am on the 2nd day of class, students who are registered, but non-compliant with immunization requirements will be dropped from classes.Students who are not in compliance will not be allowed to move into the residence halls.

    For more information, please see the Student Health Center.

    Third Step:


    Spring Transfer SUccess Orientation:

    3/18/2014 Tuesday  1:00  – 4:00 p.m. Student Center 130  
    3/27/2014 Thursday 1:00  – 4:00 p.m. Student Center 130   

    Transfer Talk Series:

    Spring quarter dates coming soon.


    Reserve your space (first 15 will be confirmed) to  

    Fourth Step:

    Check out Campus Resources 

    Fifth Step:

    Meet the Transfer SUccess Leaders.

    Please check our website for events and programming throughout the year for Students Who Are Parents Luncheon, Veterans support, Tau Sigma Honor Society Gatherings & Induction Ceremony and more