Facilities Services
  • Department Administration

    Facilities Services plans, maintains, and constructs the physical assets of the Seattle University Campus.

    Facilities Services consists of Design and Construction, Environmental Health and Safety, Facilities Operations and Maintenance, Support Services, Space Planning, and Sustainability. Success for Facilities requires strategic planning, detailed scheduling, strong communication, and smart business practices.

    Robert Schwartz

    Associate Vice President for Facilities
    (206) 296-6999

    Sari Graven

    Director of Program and Resource Development
    (206) 296-6166

    Lara Branigan

    Director of Facilities Project Development
    (206) 296-2516

    Steve Szablya

    Director of Operations & Maintenance
    (206) 296-6184

    Jonathan Bregman

    Assistant Director of Campus Planning
    (206) 296-6156

    Timothy Gould

    Finance Manager
    (206) 296-6993

    Dawn Madore

    Administrative Coordinator to the AVP for Facilities 
    (206) 296-2348

    last updated: 12/9/2013