Grounds and Landscaping

Current Projects


    Gardens are never static and the Grounds Dept. always has something new and interesting going on.

    Bellermine South entrance sidewalk

    Ongoing  Before replanting this landscape bed, the very invasive ground cover, Aegopodium or Bishop’s weed is being removed. A long period of laying fallow is required to ensure that this plant will not regrow in the landscape.

    South Pavilion landscape

    Ongoing Here another very aggressive plant was overtaking the landscape. This species is a native horsetail, Equisetum hyemale, not a plant that belongs in a small landscape bed! When the removal is complete, the bed will be replanted with culinary herbs and some space for annual vegetables.

     Lee Miley Rain Garden

     Rain Garden  

      New plantings of trees, shrubs and ground covers will go in when the invasive Reed Canary Grass is deemed to be GONE!

    New Lantern Graces the Tea Garden at Campion

     Lantern at Tea Garden

    In addition to upgrades in the landscape, gardener Ben Williams installed a beautiful lantern to welcome strollers in the Tea Garden tucked into the northeast corner of Campion.

     SSA Club members assist Grounds crew with Re-installation of Veggie  Beds at the Chardin Community Garden

     SSA Students Veggie Garden SSA Students Veggie Garden (2)

    The Chardin Community Garden was reinstalled  with the help of club members from Sustainable Student Action. All plots are assigned at this time and the gardeners are ready to grow some food!

     Extreme Gardening

     Extreme Gardening

    Recently, gardeners Ben Williams and Patty Wright renovated the planters that line the south and west sides of the Student Center. Sounds like any other gardening task, except that these very narrow planters are hanging off the second floor of the building. Fall protection gear was in order and all operations were done "roped in". Its a very successful planting, with lots of native pollinator-friendly plants


    Great Backyard Bird Count

    This year we'll count birds on February 18th Tuesday  12pm- 1 pm at the deck overlooking the Union Green. Come join us!

     Bird Count