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3. Recruitment and Appointment

Hiring Manager's Guide: Recruitment and Interviewing Guidelines

Seattle University follows recruiting policies and procedures consistent with its commitment to diversity and its position as an equal opportunity employer. Openings are publicized through on and off-campus postings and advertising.

3.1 Personnel Requisition Process

When a new or existing position opens, the hiring manager will create an online personnel requisition using the SUPER System at A user account needs to be set up and approved at this website prior to creating a requisition. The online system facilitates electronic approvals of the area Vice President or Provost and the Associate Vice President for Finance, as applicable. The approvals and position details are then submitted electronically to the Human Resources Office (HR) for posting. Prior to posting, HR will review the position to ensure proper classification.The hiring manager should consult Human Resources for advice on establishing the position before completing a requisition under the following circumstances:

  1. if the position is new (not replacing an incumbent);
  2. if the structure of the organization has changed; or,
  3. if the duties and/or the qualifications of the position have changed significantly.

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3.2 Employee Recruitment and Advertising

HR works with the hiring manager to prepare advertising and coordinate recruitment efforts in appropriate media, such as newspapers, professional journals, websites, and regional and/or national agencies. HR pays for the cost of the advertising. It is the practice of the University to post non-faculty positions for at least seven calendar days before hiring a candidate to fill the position.

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3.3 Applications/Resumes

HR receives all applications and supporting documents via the SUPER System. No application materials are accepted via other methods. For most positions, HR reviews all applications and resumes and evaluates them to assure the minimum qualifications are met as specified in the position announcement. HR releases all applications meeting required qualifications to the hiring manager for consideration.

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3.4 Promotion and Transfer

All interested employees who meet a position's minimum qualifications are encouraged to apply. Selection is based on department needs and candidates' qualifications and performance. The University fills all job vacancies with the individual it deems most qualified for the position, and reserves the right to select candidates from outside the University.

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3.5 Interviews

The hiring manager or his designee selects those to be interviewed from the pool of qualified applicants and should use a consistent set of interview questions for all candidates. Please refer to the Hiring Manager's Guide for guidelines in recruiting and interviewing for a position.

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3.6 Search Committees

A hiring manager or her designee may choose to form a search committee to help in the selection process for professional and managerial level jobs. The membership of the search committee generally will consist of five to seven people who can provide appropriate input for the level and nature of the position. Positions in Bands C1-C4 may or may not require a search committee to be appointed. Search committees are usually appointed for openings in Pay Band levels D and E. A member of the HR staff may act as advisor to the hiring manager or the chairperson of the search committee to insure compliance with University policies and procedures.

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3.7 Employment and Reference Checks

The hiring manager or his designee will check the employment history and references of the final candidate(s) under consideration.

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3.8 Background Checks

Prior to hire, criminal history background checks are conducted on candidates for all staff positions, including temporary employees and Athletics Department volunteers. Conditional job offers may be made before a background check is returned with approval from HR. Persons applying to any staff position must complete a criminal history background check authorization form. A third-party vendor on contract with the university conducts all criminal history background checks. Candidates have the right to request a copy of their background check results from this vendor.

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3.9 Pre-Employment Tests

Any pre-employment screening tests will comply with legal standards for job-relatedness, statistical reliability and validity. All tests must be approved by the Associate Vice President of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity Officer.

Certain positions, including all administrative assistant positions, require candidates to complete a pre-employment computer skills assessment. Computer skills assessment results will be used as an indicator of a person's ability to meet job qualifications. Human Resources may discuss test results with the hiring manager.

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3.10 Salary Setting/Extending a Job Offer

The hiring manager must consult with Human Resources after the search has been completed but before an offer is made to ensure adherence to applicable University policies, salary practices and federal laws. HR coordinates the job offer with the hiring manager or his designee, arranges a start date, and presents an overview of benefits and other related employment items. HR advises the hiring manager or his designee of the appropriate pay for the selected candidate. The salary HR proposes will take into account the candidate's skills and qualifications and will reflect the external market and internal relationships, as well as the budgeted salary dollars for the position.

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3.11 Relocation Expenses

Staff relocation expenses are coordinated and funded through the Human Resources Office. Relocation reimbursement benefits are limited to positions in pay bands C-4, D and E. Actual expenses will be reimbursed up to 10% of salary, not to exceed $5,000.

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3.12 New Hire Paperwork and Completion of Immigration Certification I-9

A new employee should report to his department the on the first day of employment. The Hiring Manager and HR will schedule a time for the new employee to fill out required paperwork on his first day and make arrangements for him to attend the Human Resources and Benefits Orientation session for new employees.

At the commencement of employment, all new employees must document their identity and employment authorization in accordance with the immigration laws of the United States.

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3.13 Process for Hiring Temporary Staff Members

Temporary employees may be engaged to work with the University either through a Temporary Staffing Agency or by entering into a Short-Term Temporary Employment Agreement with the University directly.

Temporary Staffing Agency: HR serves as the SU liaison with the Staffing Agency and coordinates temporary assignments and billing. Hiring managers should contact HR to hire from a temporary agency.

Temporary Employee Direct-Hire: HR will work with the hiring manager to identify candidates for temporary positions, which may include advertising. Sections 3.7, 3.8, 3.10 and 3.12 apply to direct-hire temporary employees. All offers of employment to temporary staff members must be confirmed in writing, using a Letter of Agreement form, available on Human Resource's InSite website at Process/temp_loa_directions.asp.

Hiring managers wanting to hire a specific person for a temporary position should contact HR.

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Hiring Manager's Guide: Recruitment and Interviewing Guidelines
Immigration Certification I-9:

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