The LiVE SU wellness program in 2013

 2013 was the first full year of the LiVE wellness program. Because the program was still very new, our primary objective was to increase awareness and engagement among faculty and staff. For those who were among the first to join in 2012, we hoped to deepen engagement through quarterly challenges that were fun and supportive of personal health and well-being goals. How did 2013 turn out? We’re very pleased to report that participation in LiVE significantly increased. Here are the numbers:

  • 69% (880) Registered Users – a 132% increase in participation from 2012! We will be striving in 2014 to bring LiVE to all new members of the SU community and ambitiously hope to see registration at higher levels this year.
  • 85% (748) Health Assessment Completion! The confidential online well-being assessment is the first step in creating an individual plan of action that builds on strengths and offers suggestions for development. The online assessment takes approximately 15 minutes to complete. Our work in 2014 includes demonstrating the personal value of the assessment to more people.
    • What were our reported strengths and areas of development in 2013? Limeade aggregates individual responses into a report that compares our overall average to the average for all clients. No individually identifiable information is made available to the university in this process. This year’s report contained mostly good news. SU’s overall health, well-being and productivity scores were above average. Our strengths included smoke-free living, positive relationships and life meaning. Our lowest aggregate scores included healthy weight, energy/sleep and square deal. See chart 
  • 52% of health insurance purchasers were able to reduce the cost of their monthly premium by $10-$20 per month. We will offer the same health insurance incentive for those who earn 1,000+ points during 2014. Just a few activities can quickly result in 1000 points and return more money to your pocketbooks.
  • 12 winners were awarded the prize of their choice – either a FitBit tracking device or an SU jacket by earning 1500 points. Two especially fortunate folks received $750 REI gift cards. Our top point achievers added points through fun quarterly challenges such as: Get Your Zzz’s, Veg Out, Address the Stress and Give Back.
  •  Other Highlights:
    •  Free on-campus health screenings were available in May and November. More than 200 people took advantage of this chance to obtain their cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose and body mass index levels and to discuss their readings privately with a health coach.
    •  353 one-on-one coaching sessions were completed with a Vera Whole-Health wellness coach. Vera facilitates personal goal-setting and provides support through meetings on campus. LiVE SU covers the cost of your first few sessions (further subject to an overall limit on SU-paid sessions.)


Last modified on Thursday, August 07, 2014