Retirement Investment Array

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Faculty and staff have access to investment choices that compare very favorably to other investments in key areas such as return, manager experience and cost charged to participants. The retirement plan’s lineup includes prominent managers such as Vanguard, T. Rowe Price, PIMCO and American Funds. It also includes lesser known firms with demonstrated strength in managing specialized categories of investments and a set of Socially Responsible Investment funds. Our array encompasses 34 funds and is appropriately diverse by including stable principle, U.S. stock, international stock, bond and specialty choices. You can see the complete list at: List of Investments

Existing TIAA-CREF accounts are restricted to not accept payroll contributions after May 31, 2012 but continue to earn interest and generate investment returns until money is distributed from the plan. Further, TIAA-CREF’s obligation to account holders includes the same level of customer support provided currently.


Last modified on Wednesday, August 06, 2014