Leadership Development
  •  Our department is dedicated to helping you develop as a leader. We hope to help each student find ways to both learn about and practice leadership. Check the menu for a complete list of events, programs and resources. 

    There is a lot happening this month.  Check them out below!

    • Commencement Speaker Applications:  Interested in applying to be a student commencement speaker? Applications are available now and are due by 4:00 pm on Thursday, April 10. Please click here for more details on the application and other important information

    • Award Nominations: Help is recognize students for their many contributions.  Learn more about the awards and then nominate an individual or student group for an Award by April 20.

    • LEAD Team Applications: LEAD Team, a dynamic peer leadership education team, is now accepting applications for the 2014-2015 school year! For more information about LEAD Team, visit the team's WEBSITE. To apply to be a member of LEAD Team for next year, fill out the Redhawk Application and submit it to Leadership Development (PAVL 150 or lead@seattleu.edu) by 11:59pm on Thursday, April 17th.

    • First-Year Leadership Institute Leader Applications: Learn more about the program and apply here by April 28.   

    • Leadership Take-Out: Interested in a workshop, icebreakers or team-building for your group or organization? Order some Leadership Take-Out! Learn more about the peer leadership group (LEAD Team) and Take-Outs here.

    • Resource Website: We recently created a website that features blogs about leadership and the resources we have available in our office. Find out what our office is all about and what we're up to here!

    • Distribution List:  Sign up for our monthly email updates to learn about upcoming opportunities.

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