College of Nursing
How to Apply

Transfer Application Requirements

  • A complete BSN transfer/post-bac application will include:

    1.    Undergraduate Transfer Application also referred to as the Common Application

    • Upload the Nursing Personal Essay instead of a generic Common Application Personal Essay.
    • Complete the Seattle University Member Page
    • Complete the Seattle University Writing Supplement

    2.    BSN Transfer Prerequisite Form

    • Note: All nursing pre-requisites must be completed by the end of spring quarter, prior to entering Seattle University in the fall

    3.    An official transcript from every single post-secondary institution attended

    • Including official AP scores as applicable

    4.    $55 application fee payable to Seattle University

    5.    English Proficiency as required

    Not Required or Reviewed

    • SAT/ACT scores or and High School forms
    • Mid-term report
    • Recommendations of any kind
    • High school transcripts (unless requesting credit for high school chemistry)

    Prerequisite Coursework

    • MATH 1120 or higher
    • PSYC 1200 Introductory Psychology
    • BIOL xxxx Introduction to Biology
    • CHEM xxxx Introduction to Chemistry
    • BIOL 2200-2210 Anatomy & Physiology
    • BIOL 2220 Microbiology
    • PSYC 3220 Growth & Development 

    Additional Requirements

    • Math and Psychology coursework must be completed within 10 years of anticipated program start date
    • Science coursework must be completed within 5 years of anticipated program start date

    Credit Transfers

    The student will transfer with a maximum of 90 credits.  

    To qualify for direct transfer with junior standing and exemption from lower division CORE requirements, the student must be granted a direct transfer Associate Degree (DTA) from a Washington State community college. Courses taken during that program must also include the college’s equivalents of the nursing prerequisite courses. NOTE: Students can still apply to the BSN program without a DTA, but are not guaranteed that all necessary lower division Core coursework will be waived. This will depend on the types of courses being transferred in.

    Transfer Guide for course equivalency is found here.

    Equivalency guide for course equivalency is found here.

    The Registrar’s Office will only conduct a full evaluation of your credits at the time you are admitted to Seattle University. If you are concerned about course equivalency and your course is not listed in the above guides, please read the course descriptions between the two institutions and if they cover the same information the course may be an equivalent.

    Consult an academic advisor via email for further clarification at