College of Nursing
Clinical Performance Lab

Lab Team

  • To contact the CPL Team, email

    Grace Gehman
    Administrative Assistant

    Reservations, tours, equipment check-out, general assistance
    (206) 296-2394

    Carrie Miller

    Faculty orientations, lab policies/procedures, nursing supply orders, budgetary issues
    (206) 296-2196

    Miranda Brown
    Operations Coordinator

    Course-specific needs, special events, facilities maintenance, lab equipment needs, and general assistance
    (206) 296-2384

    Janet McGuigan
    Simulation Support Faculty

    Simulation assistance, orientation/training and scheduling
    (206) 296-2350

    Doug Herstad
    Technical Systems Support Coordinator

    Nurse2, ATI, nursing specific technical support, software and media needs
    (206) 296-2382

    Leah O'Brien
    Teaching Assistant

    Teaching support and student academic assistance (scheduling student practice sessions)
    (206) 296-2394