College of Nursing
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Center for Vulnerable Populations

  • Partners for Justice in Health

    Dr. Jane W. Peterson, Director Emerita

    The Center for Vulnerable Populations is a multidisciplinary community of scholars committed to building the capacity to promote health in vulnerable populations through research, advocacy, teaching, and management of health and health problems. The underlying values of the Center are intellectual integrity, social justice and service to others.

    The overall goal of the Center is to promote health parity locally and globally through research, scholarship, and service. More specific goals are to:

    • Promote and enhance research within the College of Nursing related to:
      • Providing opportunities for students to participate in research with faculty mentors
    • Engage in work related to students and faculty:
      • Creating cultural competence of future health care providers
      • Providing faculty members and students with tools for assisting populations-at-risk
    • foster collaborative research on the health of vulnerable populations through:
      • Building collaborative community relationships
      • Including individuals and organizations in all aspects of our work
      • Take part in the work our collaborative partners are doing
    • disseminate research-based information on vulnerable populations’ health and health needs via:
      • Publications
      • Presentations at scholarly meetings
      • Community presentations

    The framework guiding the work of the Center for Vulnerable Populations is the Ecological Model used by the Institute of Medicine:

    “The ecological model is a framework for action and an understanding of the forces that impact on health, a model of health that emphasizes the linkages and relationships among multiple determinants affecting health. Such an ecological model, the committee believes, is key to effectively addressing the challenges of the 21st century.”