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  • How to Apply for SUCON Education Abroad Courses

    Regardless of the program you are applying for, ALL STUDENTS are required to submit their application via the Education Abroad Office online application system, HORIZONS

    Students will be prompted to choose which program they are applying for and then will be directed to a series of standard short-term or long-term immersion questions and a set of questions specific to nursing and their chosen program. In addition, for both short-term and long-term programs you will need to obtain two letters of support/recommendation from an SU faculty member speaking to your potential for success in an education abroad program. You will provide the faculty member instructions and they will log-on to the HORIZONS system to complete the recommendation online. 

    Academic Courses Abroad

    Submission of an application indicates you grant permission to the CON to review your unofficial transcript to verify your GPA and academic standing as part of the application process.

    All applications for short-term programs (≤ 4 weeks: Belize, Nicaragua) are due to HORIZONS by 13 December 2013.

    All applications for 2013-2014 long-term SU sponsored programs (> 4 weeks; Sweden) are due to HORIZONS by 10 January 2014.

    Short-Term Programs

    Belize - for undergraduates

    NURS 493-01 - Global Nursing Seminar and Immersion - Belize 
    (5 cr) Spring/Summer 2014
    Course Director: Deirdre Longenecker, MN, RN

    • Explore the history, culture & health/human services infrastructure of Belize.
    • Spend 10 days working in health & human service settings (work with elderly, adolescents, children infected/affected with HIV, and others) .
    • Includes two weekends of cultural activities including visit to ancient Mayan sites.
    • Click here for the for the 2014 Belize Course Flyer.

    Nicaragua - for undergraduates and graduates

    NURS 493-02 – Global Nursing Seminar and Immersion - Nicaragua
    (5 cr) Spring/Summer 2014 
    Course Director: GG Salvatierra, PhD, RN
    Co-Director: Karen Cowgill, PhD, MSc, RN 

    • Explore the history, culture & healthcare infrastructure of Nicaragua.
    • Spend three weeks working at a school for individuals with disabilities, interacting with students, their parents, and school staff.
    • Opportunities for home visiting or exploring other health service sites are also available.
    • Includes cultural excursion weekends within Nicaragua, including overnight travel to either Ometepe or Matagalpa.
    • Click here for the 2014 Nicaragua Course Flyer.

    Long-Term Programs

    Sweden - for undergraduates

    The Mälardalen Nursing Program allows students to study nursing in a country renowned for justice-oriented health and social policy. Students study the role of nursing in the Scandinavian healthcare system while gaining practical experience through clinical courses alongside Swedish and foreign exchange students. This is the only long-term study abroad program available for nursing students, who will spend two quarters in Sweden, taking all nursing courses. This programs also fits within a modified nursing program of study and does not extend the student’s expected graduation date. The program is currently for TRANSFER nursing students only.

    Click here for the 2014 Sweden Course Flyer and Education Abroad Office program page. Please contact Jennifer Fricas, Global Engagement Director, for more information.