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  • Proposing Global Study or Travel

    Academic Year 2013-2014 Timeline

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    Undergraduate nursing students who are interested in participating in an education abroad course should make an appointment with Jennifer Fricas, the Global Nursing Coordinator. There are several programs available, both SU College of Nursing sponsored and courses administered by other providers or universities.

    Graduate nursing students should also speak with Jennifer Fricas, the Global Nursing Director, and with their academic adviser. Through consultation with your adviser, faculty members for particular courses, and the Global Nursing Committee, it is possible to propose an individual or small group education abroad project. Due to the somewhat more independent nature of graduate education, carefully considered, well planned, and timely projects in a region of the world and an area of your interest are possible.

    Graduate students, please note that proposals for graduate student education abroad must be submitted to the Global Nursing Committee no later than three (3) months before proposed travel and sooner if possible. This means you must have a fully developed proposal, in consultation with faculty and international partners, submitted to the Global Nursing Committee by the first meeting of the quarter preceding your proposed travel, at the latest.  


    At the College of Nursing, we believe in having a globally-engaged faculty. The Global Nursing Committee is tasked by Nursing Administration with:

    • Reviewing and approving faculty proposals for new education abroad courses and collaborating with various university departments and faculty course directors to work towards approval of appropriate, mission-aligned courses;
    • Being aware of other faculty international travel and scholarship, in order to maximize potential partnerships and contribute to the university’s dialogue on global engagement.

    Use the forms below to submit NEW or REVISED course proposals according to the annual timeline. If you have any questions, please contact the Global Nursing Committee Chair.

    To maintain a database of the locations where faculty travel and the organizations and individuals with which they work, the Global Nursing Committee requests that faculty submit the short online Faculty International Travel Form prior to any work-related international travel.


    Cover Letter (required with all proposals)
    • Required Narrative Format - NEW Education Abroad Course Proposal 
    Required Narrative Format - REVISED Education Abroad Course Proposal 
    • Required Narrative Format - STUDENT Education Abroad Proposal 
    • AY 13-14 Timeline