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Scholarship Funds

  • Endowed Scholarship Funds

    • College of Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Veronica Nooney Bilder Endowed Scholarship Fund*
    • Margaret Marie Conlin Sullivan Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • Kathleen Kristine “Tot” Corr Endowed Scholarship
    • Kristi Jean DeLaurenti Bridges Endowed Scholarship*
    • Alice L. Fisher Endowed Scholarship Fund
    • The Edward and Benneth Franett Scholarship
    • Hearst II Graduate Nursing Endowed Scholarship Fund*
    • Emily Kulik Smith Endowed Scholarship Fund*
    • McLellan Nursing Scholarship
    • Norah Muldoon Ward Scholarship Fund
    • Sr. Mary Ruth Neihoff Nursing Scholarship
    • Ret. Col. Patricia Radle Endowed Nursing Scholarship*
    • Joan Razore Endowed Nursing Scholarship*
    • Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation Endowed Scholarship*
    • Dr. Eileen Ridgway Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund*
    • The Sauvage Nursing Scholarship
    • Margaret M. Sellers Scholarship Fund*
    • Jeanne Anne Sherrick Scholarship*
    • Elaine C. Smith Endowed Nursing Scholarship*
    • Dorothy Walsh Nursing Scholarship
    • Lars Worminghaus Endowed Scholarship Fund

    Annual Scholarship Funds 

    • College of Nursing Annual Scholarship Fund
    • Father J. Gerard Bussy, S.J. and Lowell W. Parker Scholarship
    • Robert and Jean Reid Family Foundation Scholarship Fund*

    * Scholarship funds provide support for students pursuing graduate degrees 


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