How do I access Network (T- or P-) Drives on a Mac OS X computer?


This guide will walk you through connecting to your P-Drive or T-Drive on a Mac OS X computer.


(Pre-requisites): Prior to connecting to network drives, you will need to establish a connection to the campus network.

Step 1: Click on the Go menu. 

  • If the Go menu is not an option, click on your desktop background to make it appear.

Network Drives Mac OS X 1

Step 2: Select Connect to Server

Network Drives Mac OS X 2


Step 3: Add your network drives to your Favorite Servers list.

    • In the Connect to Server window, select the Server Address: field and enter your network drive address.
      • For your network P-Drive, type smb://oitfs1/Fac-Staff
      • For your network T-Drive, type smb://oitfs2/Team
    • Press the + button to add the network drive address to your Favorite Servers.  
    • Select the network drive that you would like to connect to and then click on the Connect button.
Network Drives Mac OS X 3
  • A Connecting to Server window and progress bar will appear.
     Network Drives Mac OS X 4
  • Step 4: Enter your Seattle University username and password.
  • Your computer will display the name of the user currently logged in.
    • If you are using a Seattle University computer, your Seattle Universty username should be displayed.
    • If you are using a personal computer, you will need to enter your Seattle University username and password
Network Drives Mac OS X 5


Step 5: The network drive will now be accessible under SHARED.  You can now access the folder from the Finder or when Opening or Saving documents in applications such as Word.
Network Drives Mac OS X 6


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