How do I add a network printer on Mac OS X? 


This guide will walk you through adding a network printer to your Seattle University Mac computer.  In order to add a printer on a Mac OS X computer, you will need to be an administrator of your computer. 


Step 1: Open System Preferences. 

  • Click on the Apple in the upper left corner. 
  • Click on System Preferences. 

Mac Printer 1 


Step 2: Under Hardware, Select Print and Fax. 

 Mac Printer 2 

Step 3: Login with an administrator account. 

  • Click on the lock in the lower left corner of the window.
Mac Printer 3
  • Enter your SU username and password 

Mac Printer 4 


Step 4: Add the printer to your list of printers. 

  • Click the + button on the lower left side of the window. 

Mac Printer 5 

Step 5: Specify the network printer details. 

  • Click on the IP button. 

Mac Printer 6 

  • In the Address: field, enter the name of the printer server name such as oitps1 or oitps2. 
  • In the Queue: field, enter the name of the printer such as prt### where ### is a 3-digit number. 
  • In the Name: field, enter a name of your choice such as the printer name or a label that helps you remember where it is. 
  • In the Location: field, enter a location of your choice such as a department location or room number. 

Mac Printer 7 


 (Optional) Select the Installable options for the printer. 

  • If prompted for Installable options, click Continue. 

Mac Printer 8 

The printer will now appear in your list of printers.  It will be available when printing from Word or any other application. 

 Mac Printer 9



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