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Mobile Phone Support

Mobile phones and other mobile devices are supported by the OIT Help Desk.  Mobile devices include smartphones, cell phones, and mobile broadband cards.  Examples of smartphones are BlackBerry phones or iPhones.  Mobile broadband cards are peripheral devices that can be interfaced with a laptop to provide wireless internet via cellular signal.  Currently, Seattle University has accounts for Sprint and AT&T mobile devices.

Requesting Access

Seattle University BlackBerry smartphones can be placed on Seattle University's BlackBerry Enterprise Server to enable the phone for wireless synchronization with Exchange 2007 email, appointments, contacts, and tasks.  This service is only available on Seattle University owned BlackBerry smartphones. 

In order to assemble a quote for equipment or services, the Help Desk will need to know your cost center number, the type of device you are looking for, your preferred mobile carrier (AT&T or Sprint), and the number of voice minutes and text messages that you require.

Approval from the manager of your cost center will be required to purchase any mobile device; however, if you need a quote on ordering a mobile device such as a smartphone, mobile phone, or mobile broadband card, please email helpdesk@seattleu.edu or call 206-296-5571.  Alternatively, you may stop by the Help Desk in person by visiting Engineering 313.

Technical Support

The OIT Help Desk is the First and Second Tier of support for Seattle University mobile devices such as: BlackBerry smartphones, iPhones, cellular phones, and mobile broadband cards.  We can provide some basic support for personal devices that are used for work purposes.  The Help Desk will ask if the device is owned by you or Seattle University as account troubleshooting is only available for devices owned by Seattle University. 

In order to assist with troubleshooting, the Help Desk will need a brief description of the problem, the model of your device, the carrier for your mobile services, and if this device is owned by Seattle University.  If you need assistance adding your email account to a smartphone, please contact the Help Desk at helpdesk@seattleu.edu or by calling 206-296-5571.  Alternatively, you may visit the Help Desk in person by stopping by Engineering 313.   If this is a personally owned device, you may need to contact your mobile carrier or visit one of their store locations for assistance.

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CryptoLocker on T Drive

April 11th 12:00pm

A CryptoLocker attack on 3/31/14 between 11:25am and 3:30pm impacted some University T Drive files. Impacted files are visible but encrypted, and cannot be opened. OIT has successfully restored thousands of impacted files. If your files are still encrypted from the CryptoLocker attack, please contact the SU Help Desk and submit a request to restore impacted files.

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OIT will perform Planned Datacenter Maintenance on Friday April 25th, 6pm - midnight.

Email, internet, SU Online, and other services may be impacted.

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