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Seattle University ParentsLink provides a means by which students can share elements of their information with their parents or guardians. Currently, ParentsLink allows parents to review student financial information (including bills and financial aid), make tuition payments, review student schedules, and view unofficial grade reports.

Requesting Access

Students may grant access to their parents by logging into SUOnline:

  1. Click on the Students category to enter the Current Students menu.
  2. Select ParentsLink from the Student Account section.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to setup access for parents.

Students who do not see their parents listed will need to contact Student Financial Services to have them added.

Parents can access ParentsLink at http://parentslink.seattleu.edu.

Technical Support

ParentsLink users are supported by the OIT Help Desk. If you have a question about using the application or are unsure if difficulties you are experiencing are a technical problem, please contact the OIT Help Desk. In the event of technical difficulties, the following information must be provided to the Help Desk to better assist you:

  • Web browser name and version.
  • A detailed description of what led up to your problem.
  • If an error message appears, fully copy/paste the error message into an email sent to helpdesk@seattleu.edu.
  • The name of the tab you were on.

Related Information

The following resources are available to assist parents with using ParentsLink:

Web Applications


CryptoLocker on T Drive

April 11th 12:00pm

A CryptoLocker attack on 3/31/14 between 11:25am and 3:30pm impacted some University T Drive files. Impacted files are visible but encrypted, and cannot be opened. OIT has successfully restored thousands of impacted files. If your files are still encrypted from the CryptoLocker attack, please contact the SU Help Desk and submit a request to restore impacted files.

Upcoming Maintenance

Monthly maintenance

OIT will perform Planned Datacenter Maintenance on Friday April 25th, 6pm - midnight.

Email, internet, SU Online, and other services may be impacted.

Please check back soon for details.

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