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Campus Phones

OIT Telecommunications provides telephone line service to all departments within the Seattle University telephone network.

The telecommunications office can assist you with.

  • Problems with your desk phone or phone line.
  • Extension and phone relocations.
  • Purchase and setup of new extensions and phones.
  • Button programming on digital phones.

Requesting New Phone Service

To request new phone service, please contact the OIT Help Desk at x5571 or helpdesk@seattleu.edu and provide the answers to the following questions.

  • Do you have a phone for this office, or do you need one from us?
  • Do you need long distance dialing? International?
  • Do you need voicemail?
  • What is the name of the person who will use this line?
  • What budget number will you use for billing?
  • When do you need this setup?

Technical Support

If you need assistance with your Seattle University phone service, you can view self-help resources here. For additional assistance, please contact the OIT Help Desk at 206-296-5571 or helpdesk@seattleu.edu.  If you are submitting a request for service, please provide the following information.

  • The nature of the problem.  Please provide details such as: no dial tone, line noise, handset cord needs replacing, or specific information related to your problem.  That is much more helpful then just saying that something doesn't work.
  • The extension of the telephone or phone line that is having the problem.
  • Office number
  • Jack number, if you can see it.
  • An alternate way that you can be reached, if your phone isn't functional.

Related Information

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CryptoLocker on T Drive

April 11th 12:00pm

A CryptoLocker attack on 3/31/14 between 11:25am and 3:30pm impacted some University T Drive files. Impacted files are visible but encrypted, and cannot be opened. OIT has successfully restored thousands of impacted files. If your files are still encrypted from the CryptoLocker attack, please contact the SU Help Desk and submit a request to restore impacted files.

Upcoming Maintenance

Monthly maintenance

OIT will perform Planned Datacenter Maintenance on Friday April 25th, 6pm - midnight.

Email, internet, SU Online, and other services may be impacted.

Please check back soon for details.

System Status

System is Online There are no current network problems or outages.

Service Now

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