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Cisco Clean Access in Residence Halls

If you connect a Windows computer in any of the Residence Hall student rooms you are required to install the free Cisco Clean Access (CCA) software.  This system ensures Windows PCs attempting to access the residential network have the required operating system updates and antivirus software as a means of protecting student computers as well as the Seattle University systems.  CCA installs McAfee Enterprise antivirus software and keeps it updated at no cost to you.

Cisco Clean Access does not collect or transmit any personal information from your computer.

Mac or Linux computers do not require CCA.  

Accessing the Service

Windows computers will have no network connectivity until CCA is installed. After connecting your Windows computer to the approriate network jack in a student room you should open your web browser and attempt to access any website.  CCA will detect the connectivity request and prompt you to begin installing the Cisco Clean Access programs.  Once installed, you will be prompted to authenticate to CCA with your Seattle University network account.

If you are unable to login or if the CCA installation did not appear this could indicate a technical problem and should be reported to the OIT Help Desk per the instructions below.

Technical Support

CCA is supported by OIT Network Services. If you have a question about using Cisco Clean Access, are unsure how to use CCA, or if you are experiencing a technical problem, please phone the OIT Help Desk at (206) 296-5571 for assistance and be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Your Seattle University network account user name  (we will never ask for your password)
  • Your specific location - building and room number
  • What operating system you are using
  • What version of your operating system
  • The label of the jack to which your computer is connected
  • If the issue is determined to be technical in nature, you will be asked to open a support request with the OIT Help Desk .

    Related Information

    Important note: It is recommended that you uninstall any previously installed antivirus programs or internet security suites before installing McAfee anti virus Enterprise

    Most mainstream game devices (Xbox, Playstation, etc) do not need special software or settings to connect. If your device does not work, please contact the OIT Help Desk. We can not guarantee that all devices are supported.


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    SUDDS reporting services have been restored. Thank you for your patience as we worked to resolve this unexpected issue.

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