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Campus Card

Most members of the Seattle University community are provided with an SU Campus Card. This "OneCard" is used as your I.D. as well as:

  • Entry access to your Residence Hall, the Fitness Center, Lemieux Library, and after hours building access
  • Access to your Meal Plan at all Bon Appetit locations
  • Access to laundry services in the residence halls
  • A library card which will allow you to check out books, media, and reference materials
  • A debit card for purchase at the Bookstore and various vending locations

How to obtain an SU Campus Card

  • Come to our office in the Engineering Building, room 302, during normal business hours of Monday - Friday, 7am-5:30pm. We are closed weekends and all university holidays and closure days.
  • You will need valid photo ID: a current passport, state issued ID, unexpired drivers' license, or military ID. Other forms of ID may be accepted, call ahead to find out.
  • Come prepared to take a photo. Do not wear a hat, scarf, heavy jacket, sunglasses, or facial makeup with distorts or disguises your features. No joke photos with funny faces, stuffed animals, or hand gestures will be allowed. It only takes 15 seconds to print out your ID card, so you'll leave with your card that day.
  • It is also helpful if you bring in your SU ID number.

All first time Campus Cards are free. If you lose your card, there is a $15 fee to replace it. Temporary cards are available at no charge, and are valid for one week.

If you question whether or not your enrollment status makes you eligible for a campus card, contact the Office of the Registrar at registrar@seattleu.edu for details.

BlackBoard Transact eAccounts

You, your family, or your friends may deposit funds into your OneCard account online beginning Friday, September 14th, 2012, or in person at Student Financial Services, located in USVC. In addition to depositing funds in your Meal Plan & OneCard account, you may also check the balance of your accounts 24/7. To deposit funds to your card or to check your balances click here to log into eAccounts. First-time users will need to register their account to begin.

Click here to log into eAccounts where you can:
  • View your balances
  • Add money to your accounts
  • Track your spending

Registering for eAccounts

To begin using eAccounts for the first time, click here to log into eAccounts and click on the "Register" link (do not attempt to Sign In first). When registering, you will need to:

  1. Register as a user, please provide:

    • Email address
    • Username (this can be the same as your SU username but does not have to be)
    • Password (the password must be a minimum of 7 characters and contain both numeric and alphabetic characters)
    • Name
    • Postal address matching your Credit Card account
    • Telephone number
  2. Click "Continue". You will be asked to verify your information.
  3. Click "Continue" again. An email will be sent to your e-mail address from eAccounts. It may take a few minutes to arrive. You may want to take the opportunity to look up your SU ID# at this time.
  4. Click the link in the e-mail to verify your account.
  5. You will be prompted to re-enter your e-mail address. Enter the information and click "Activate"
  6. Click "Return Home", enter your username and password and click "Sign In".
  7. Please enter your SU ID#, first, and last name. This information must match your Campus Card information exactly.
  8. Enter your information and click "Register". If the information you entered does not match your Campus Card, you will be prompted to correct the information.

Once the above is completed, you can click on Accounts to view the balances in each of your Campus Card accounts.

Finding your SU ID#

SU ID# are not printed on cards. If you don't know or have forgotten your SU ID#, you can look it up by logging into SU Online.

  • Students: After logging in, click on the "Students" tab and select "My Profile" under the "Academic Profile" heading.

  • Faculty/Staff: Click on the "Employees" tab, and select "What is My Colleague ID Number?"

Guest Deposit

If a member of your family or a friend wishes to deposit funds to your Campus Card account, they can click here to log into eAccounts, and click "Make a Guest Deposit". The person will need to input your last name and your SU ID# and then follow the prompts. Remember, Meal Plan Deposits are for use at Bon Appetit locations, One Card deposits are for laundry, vending, and bookstore purchases.

Lost or Stolen Card

Report/return lost, stolen, or found cards immediately to the Public Safety Office (206-296-5990) or you may deactivate your card by going to the eAccounts website as described above and clicking "Deactivate Card". Deactivated cards can only be reactivated by the Campus Card or Public Safety office. To replace a lost card, visit Campus Card, located in ENGR 309. You will be assessed a $15.00 fee for a replacement card.

*Any additional questions regarding Campus Card, or eAccounts can be directed to campuscard@seattleu.edu.

US Bank 

Visit https://www.usbank.com/campus/seattle.html for more information about how to link your Campus Card to your U.S. Bank Account.




CryptoLocker on T Drive

April 11th 12:00pm

A CryptoLocker attack on 3/31/14 between 11:25am and 3:30pm impacted some University T Drive files. Impacted files are visible but encrypted, and cannot be opened. OIT has successfully restored thousands of impacted files. If your files are still encrypted from the CryptoLocker attack, please contact the SU Help Desk and submit a request to restore impacted files.

Upcoming Maintenance

Monthly maintenance

OIT will perform Planned Datacenter Maintenance on Friday April 25th, 6pm - midnight.

Email, internet, SU Online, and other services may be impacted.

Please check back soon for details.

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System is Online There are no current network problems or outages.

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