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Transcript and Enrollment Requests
  • Though both Transcripts and Enrollment/Degree Verifications are official documents from Seattle University, they contain different information.  

    A Transcript contains more specific information, such as grades, specific class titles, cumulative GPA, minors, when you graduated, and much more. For a full list of what is on a Transcript, please look at our Knowledge Base Article.

    An Enrollment Verification contains different information. It does not contain grades or Specific classes take. It mainly contains all quarters for which you have registered, including future quarters. It essentially states when you were enrolled, for what quarters, and how many credits were completed each quarter. Once a student has graduated, an Enrollment Verification can also be used as a Degree Verification. For graduated students, the date the degree was earned will be on the Degree Verification, along with all the information included on a regular Enrollment Verification.

    For specifics on ordering either a Transcript or Enrollment/Degree Verification please click on the menu items on the left under “Transcript and Enrollment Requests.” 


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