Reprographic Services 


Electronic Requests


  Now you can send your copy job to us via e-mail and we'll deliver your completed job to you, or you can pick it up at your convenience!


 For Copy, Print and Bindery jobs follow these easy steps:


  • Obtain an Online Copy Request Form (Microsoft Word Version) (PDF Version)
  • Fill out the information as completely as possible. You'll notice it bears a resemblance to our 'analog' form, but with the addition of drop-down boxes, check boxes, etc. We hope this makes it easier to use. Let us know!
  • E-mail the completed form, along with your attached copy job, to the Reprographic Printer.


We prefer to receive files in PDF format (for information on converting your files to this format please contact the helpdesk ), but we also accept Microsoft Office Applications and graphic files (JPEG, TIFF, etc.) Feel free to contact us with any questions regarding digital printing.

Turn-around times will generally be the same as before (1-2 business days depending on finishing options), but  let us know if your job is a RUSH and we will do our best to accomodate you. Your feedback is encouraged-call us at x6180 with questions or comments.


To place an order for Faculty or Staff * Business Cards:


  • Print or submit via email a Business Card Request Form
  • Fill out the information as completely as possible.
  • Submit the form via email by pressing the "submit by email" button or by printing it and bringing it by our office in person, we'll contact you when we have a proof for your approval.  Turn around time is typically 5-10 business days.
  • There is no minimum order for business cards, however our pricing works out best in multiples of 200, one box = 400 cards.


For Offset Printing (Envelopes, Letterhead, etc.):


  • Print out an Offset Request Form
  • Fill out the information as completely as possible.
  • Bring the form and a sample of the job (with changes indicated, if required) by person or interoffice mail to our front counter at the Student Pavilion Room 020, at this time our offset printers do not have a way to electronically accept jobs.


 Turn-around times are typically 5-10 business days, jobs can be rushed, but additional charges will apply.





*Student Business Cards can be ordered the following ways:


Albers School of Business and Economics students - Acquire a hard copy form through the Albers Placement Center (Pigott 331)


College of Education, Arts and Sciences and Science and Engineering students - Acquire a hard copy form through Career Services (Student Center Pavilion 110)


School of Law students - Acquire a hard copy form through Supercopy (Student Center Pavilion 010)