Seattle University Mailing Services


If you're mailing items bigger than a regular #10-sized- business envelope — but less than 1 lb. — your materials are what the United States Postal Service qualifies as "Flat Mail."
SmartMail offers discount rates for Flat Mail.

All enclosed information must be identical except for recipient’s name and address.
A minimum of 200 pieces between all departments per shipment is required; it is recommended that each individual department have at least 25 pieces.
When your mailing is ready to go, please fill out and afiix the SmartMail ID Slip to a postal tub or rubberband with the envelopes being sent.

Please Contact Mailing Services for rates and any additional information.


Weight: 1-16 oz.
Height: 5-12"
Length: 6-15 ¾"
Thickness: 0.009" - 0.75"*
*uniform thickness within 0.25"

  • Delivery in 2-5 days nationwide
  • Address verification with the USPS database
  • ZIP Code correction
  • Domestic Addresses only

Qualified Mail

Does Not Contain First-Class Content

  • Personal correspondence
  • Bills or statements
  • Personal information
  • Handwritten material

***Must Not Contain Hazmat***


Approved polywrap vendor or envelope