Seattle University Mailing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked in Mailing Services. If you have a different question feel free to email us  

Q: Does Mailing Services Accept Cash?
A: Mailing Services processes mail by departmental chargeback only.
We do not accept cash, check or charge.
If you would like to send a package using cash or check SUPERCOPY can help you.

Q: When is the mail picked up?
A: Mail is picked at 3:00pm M - F

Q: When does UPS pick up?
A: UPS is picked up at 3:00pm M - F
**Please have your packages at SUperCopy at least 30 minutes before the listed pick up times.**

Q: May I Borrow Your Hand Truck?
A: Faculty, Staff and Students may borrow Mailing Services hand trucks
ONLY AFTER 12:00pm.
Please be ready to leave your State ID or some sort of collateral in Mailing Services.

Q: When are the mail boxes on campus picked up?
A: The USPS Mailbox in front of the University Services Building is picked up at 2:00pm
The mailboxes in the Murphy Apartments, Campion Hall, Bellarmine Hall, Chardin Hall, and the Student Center are picked up Monday - Friday before Noon.

Q: Where is the nearest post office?
A: There are two post offices close to Seattle University.
The first one is on the corner of Broadway and Denny on Capitol Hill.
The other is on 23rd and Union in the Central District.
Both about the same distance away from SU.
To find a post office close to your home,Click Here.

Q: Where do I go to track my package?
A: Our LINKS page has links directly to the USPS, UPS, and FedEx tracking pages.

Q: My package contents were broken during shipment. Who do I contact?
A: If you recieve your package damaged you will need to contact the shipper; UPS, UPS, FedEx etc

Q: I need to change my address. How do I that?
A: Click here to change your address.

Q: What about the Klovenbach Community, Logan Court Townhomes, and Douglas Apts?
A: We do not deliver or pick up mail to these residential halls as they are out of our delivery area. Mail goes directly to and from these halls and not through our facility.

Q: What is my dorm address?

Resident Hall Addresses

Bellarmine Hall
1111 East Columbia Street (Room Number)
Seattle , WA 98122

Xavier Hall
1110 East Spring Street (Room Number)
Seattle , WA 98122

Campion Hall
914 East Jefferson Street (Room Number)
Seattle , WA 98122

Murphy Aparments
1001 E. James Way (Room Number)
Seattle , WA 98122

Chardin Hall
1020 E Jefferson (Room Number)
Seattle , WA 98122