Submitting a Job Request

Turn-around times for copy and bindery jobs are generally 24 to 48 hours, depending on our volume of work. We make every attempt to complete your job as quickly as possible and can often do small jobs the same day or while you wait.

Submit requests via Email and attach all necessary files OR drop by our store with your digital files readily available on a CD-R or USB jump drive.

Tips and Guidelines:

In submitting a job request, be sure to mention...

  • number of prints (per file, page, image, etc)
  • single-sided or double-sided prints
  • what kind of paper
  • size (if necessary)
  • additional binding/ finishing services (if necessary)
  • any special handling instructions
  • requested pick-up time
  • contact information

Files must be ready to print. Any changes (size, color, font, document formatting, etc.) that SuperCopy must make is subject to a service fee of $25 per hour (pro-rated). If your file contains any non-standard font, please submit the font file (example: "arial.ttf") at time of submission to avoid service fees.

Files must be in the following formats:
Adobe (.pdf) Preferred
MS Office - Word (.doc), Excel (.xls), Publisher (.pub); PowerPoint (.ppt)
Graphic (.jpg, .gif, .tif)