Copy Privileges/ Departmental Copy Cards

Cost Center Managers and Administrative Assistants can make requests to add or suspend copy privileges as well as manage departmental copy cards at the following location:

What's the Difference?

If you need to use a copy machine that has an attached card reader, you will need to have either copy privileges on your SU ID card or a separate departmental copy card.

Copy cards are useful in these situations:

  • Users do not have an ID card such as guests, volunteers, and temp staff
  • Users have a high turnaround (such as student staff) and you would prefer not to grant and suspend privileges for these individuals

Warning  Important Considerations

  • Lost or stolen cards incur a $15 fee for replacement
  • Cards are never linked to an individual but rather, to a budget
  • The budget is responsible for all charges made on their dept copy cards no matter who uses them
  • Each budget can have up to two copy cards


Copy privileges have the following advantages: 

  • The monthly copy memo will list the total amounts charged by each individual
  • No need to check the card out in order to keep track of who is using it
  • The department is not responsible for lost card fees


Use the menu to the left to learn how to use the online request form.