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Director’s Message

  • Dear Campus Community Members,

    On behalf of the Department of Public Safety, we welcome you to our web site. This site has been developed as a convenient and comprehensive resource for our students, faculty, and staff to access personal safety and emergency support information. Specifically you will find useful tips and information regarding crime prevention, crime statistics, disaster preparedness, and helpful information regarding transportation programs and parking.

    Further, the Seattle University Department of Public Safety team believes safest communities are achieved best through community partnerships and timely reporting incidents of crime or safety concerns. By following these best safety principals our students, faculty, and staff can help contribute to the development of a healthy and safe community for all to study, work, and live in.

    If you have questions or concerns relating to any safety or security matter, please do not hesitate to contact any Public Safety Officer or myself at 206.296.5990.

    Michael Sletten,
    Department of Public Safety