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The Office of Fellowships does not monitor the authenticity of these opportunities. These or other opportunities will be explored on a case by case basis.

Science and Engineering Abroad

Marshall Sherfield Fellowships
Gives 2 post-doctoral scientists or engineers 1 to 2 years of research at any British university. Covers travel, cost of living, and research support

Junior Summer Abroad: Partnership in International Research and Education (PIRE)
$2,000, travel, and costs of living for 8 weeks to study to conduct research abroad in Europe. Students must be in chemistry or a related field.

KAUST: King Abdullah University of Science and Technology Discovery Scholarships 
Full tuition, living, educational, and travel expenses for the remainder of your bachelor's degree and full tuition, living, and travel expenses for a master's degree program at KAUST in Saudi Arabia. For students of certain science and engineering fields

Whitaker International Fellows and Scholars Program for Biomedical Engineers
$15,000 or more in tuition, travel, and living expenses to intern or conduct research overseas in the field of biomedical engineering

Mount Sinai International Exchange Program for Minority Students
Travel, housing, and stipends for minority students in fields including: education, health, biomedical, social work, environment, biology, etc. to work on community-based scientific research projects in Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Chile, and South Africa

Graduate Study

Hertz Graduate Fellowship Award
Gives up to $36,000 for academic and living expenses and full tuition for graduate work leading towards a PhD in the application of physical sciences

National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship
Covers full tuition and academic and living expenses for 3 years of graduate study in science and engineering

National Physical Science Consortium Graduate Fellowships 
Covers tuition and fees, and gives a $16,000 a year stipend to pursue graduate study in physical sciences and related engineering

Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation 
Research grants and dissertation fellowships on the problems of aggression, violence, and dominance

Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellowship
Up to four years of financial support for doctoral students pursuing degrees in fields that utilize high performance computing technology to solve complex problems in science and engineering

Undergraduate and Graduate Study

NSF Scholarships in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (S-STEM) 
$10,000 a year for up to 5 years for undergraduate and graduate students of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Science, Mathematics, And Research for Transformation Defense Scholarship for Service Program (SMART)
Full tuition and education expenses, up to a $41,000 stipend, book allowance, paid summer internships, and career opportunities after graduation for undergraduate and graduate students of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics

Internships / Positions

Center for Coastal Margin Observation and Prediction Summer Undergraduate Research Internship 
Paid summer research internships

California Institute of Technology Undergraduate Research Programs
Paid summer research internships

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Entry Point! Program
Paid summer internships for students with disabilities in the fields of science, engineering, mathematics, computer science, and some fields of business

Fraunhofer Center for Sustainable Energy Systems Fellowship Program
Fellowship programs for students of all backgrounds interested in gaining hands-on experience in sustainable energy and clean technology


NASA Aeronautics Scholarship
Over $15,000 a year for undergraduates and over $35,000 a year for graduate students in aeronautical engineering or related fields

NASA Virginia Space Grant Consortium Graduate Research Fellowship
Gives $5,000 for up to 3 years for graduate students enrolled at a Virginia Space Grant university pursuing any field of study with aerospace relevance

NASA Graduate Student Researchers Program
$30,000 a year for masters and doctoral programs in fields related to NASA research and development

NASA MUST: Motivating Undergraduates in Science and Technology Scholarship Fund 
Gives up to half of tuition (but not more than $10,000), $5,000 for summer research, networking, and mentoring for students pursuing science, mathematics, engineering, and technology

NASA Postdoctoral Fellowship Program
Stipends starting at $50,000 and additional funding for research in NASA related disciplines

NASA Space Technology Research Fellowship
Solicits applications from individuals pursuing or planning to pursue master’s or doctoral degrees in relevant space technology disciplines

NASA Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Program
Aims to increase the U.S. talent pool of underrepresented groups, including women, ethnic minorities, and persons with disabilities who receive Master's and Doctoral degrees participating in the STEM workforce


Leonard M. Rieser Fellowship 
$2,500 to $5,000 for undergraduates to conduct research or projects that help make the connections between science, technology, global security, and public policy

Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Graduate Fellowship Program 
$8,000 for a 12-week fellowship for graduate students of science, engineering, medical, veterinary, business, public policy, and law to be engaged in the process of policy-making with a science/technology element

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