The 70s, 80s, and 90s


Emile Wilson, Rhodes Scholar '75


Ruth Tressel, Truman Scholar '84


Shawna Mirghanbari, Truman Scholar '90
Josh Peterson, Truman Scholar '93
David Horner, Rhodes (State Finalist) '93
Manuel Teodoro, Truman Scholar '94
Kelly Trush, Fulbright ETA '94
Nicole Walcher, Fulbright ETA '94
Merv Casem, NSF '94
Ryan Sawyer, Rhodes (National Finalist) '94
Julia Brumbaugh, Rhodes (State Finalist) '94
Ryan Sawyer, Rhodes Scholar '95
Julie Flores, Truman Scholar '96
Aileen Wrothwell, Rotary International *declined
Mark Goeller, Rhodes (State Finalist) '96
Ann Cummins, Rhodes (State Finalist) '96
Bernard Koontz, Rotary International (Mexico) '97
Kymberly Evanson, Truman Scholar '98
Patrick McDonald, Fulbright (Germany) '98
Maureen Chau, Fulbright (Vietnam) '98
Miriam Myjak, Goldwater '98

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